CatfishNet 3.0 Soon to Be Released.



This Bully-Free Zone is brought to you by Crystal Ball Apps of Folsom, California. Soon this site will start downloading & running version 3.0 of CatfishNet, the Free Facebook App that will reduce both Cyberbullying of teens & Cyberfraud against the elderly.

Every user on Facebook will benefit from the use of this Free App, which reviews your Facebook Friends, looking for people who are concealing their true identities. By reporting to you the Friends who “look suspicious,” the App will help you make an educated decision whether to remain Friends with the phonies or not.

And using the CatfishNet App “Unfriend” tool, the “former phony Friend” will not be sent a notice by Facebook.

Once CatfishNet reports to you the Friends who warrant a closer look, we flush your Friends’ & your own data. That is we delete it from our App, our servers, our storage devices; we honor & respect your privacy. The only data we will retain is *at your request!*^  We do not collect & retain your personal, private data.

Please sign up for the Advanced App Group by clicking here & sending email with the subject line “End Bullying Now” or you can simply Like our Facebook Page & you can stay current with trends in cyberbullying, cyberfraud & social media harassment, the targets of CatfishNet App.

You will also receive helpful tips on how to protect yourself,  family & friends. If you do nothing else in regards to protecting yourself online this year, at least Like the Facebook Page. Similar to the App, it costs nothing & is never intrusive on your privacy.

We rarely send out any notifications so please do not worry about receiving too many messages from us after joining the Advanced App Group. Plus by joining this group, you will be the first to know the status of CatfishNet & other social media & public safety Apps. These are the Apps that we create, at our expense, so you & your family can be safer online.

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Logo for CatfishNet, the Free Anti-Cyberbullying / Anti-Cyberfraud App. End Cyberbullying & Cyberfraud with CatfishNet.