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According to a Facebook study conducted in 2014, between 5.5% & 11.2% of Facebook accounts are fake, called Catfish. Many of these Catfish intend to bully their “friends” or financially bully seniors. The CatfishNet App is the only online tool to help stop financial fraud & cyber-bullying on Facebook. Download it free right now.

Read our Privacy & Data Use Policy to learn we keep none of our users’ profile data & we only access publicly viewable data.

The CatfishNet App is the first and only FREE Facebook App that helps to protect users from Catfish” bullies.

What’s a Catfish on Facebook? A “Catfish” is simply a person who’s created a fake identity online. They can be on Facebook or online anywhere.

What does this App do for me? Is it Free? This powerful Facebook App is FREE & Helps Protect Facebook users of all ages, from the dangerous online activities caused by Fake Facebook Friends we call “Catfish.”

What do “Catfish” Do? People with fake online identities we call “Catfish” create fake accounts mainly to Steal Money and Information From You, Stalk You or Spy on You, Harass and Attack You or Sell You Something without you knowing it.

How do Facebook Users Protect Themselves from Fake Friends? Until now, 1.2 billion People using Facebook have really only had one way to try to avoid the “Catfish” (Fake Friends) that are lurking among their real Friends:

Individually By Hand review each Person, trying to discover the “Catfish” who slipped past their best efforts to screen Friend Requests.

How did I catch a Catfish? If you’re like the average Facebook User, you have 250 friends. If you devoted only 7 minutes to reviewing your Friends to validate whether the person is a True Real Life Friend or a “Catfish” it would require 29 hours each time you reviewed them. Ideally you need to review your Friends twice a month.

If you want to go through your Friends List right now, how long will it take to find the “Catfish”?  And do you  know how to spot a Catfish? The CatfishNet App can screen your Friend’s List in Minutes Not Hours using proven techniques.

What happens When I do use the CatfishNet App? By using the CatfishNet App regularly, you help keep your Facebook Friends List free and clear of Fake Friends who only want to Steal your Money, Bully you, Locate your Private Information or just Waste your Time.

Download the Free CatfishNet App for Facebook and start protecting yourself today!

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