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The CatfishNet App is the first and only FREE Facebook App that helps to protect users from Catfish“.

What’s a Catfish on Facebook? A “Catfish” is simply a person who’s created a fake identity online. They can be on Facebook or online anywhere.

What does this App do for me? Is it Free? This powerful Facebook App is FREE & Helps Protect Facebook users of all ages, from the dangerous online activities caused by Fake Facebook Friends we call “Catfish.”

What do “Catfish” Do? People with fake online identities we call “Catfish” create fake accounts mainly to Steal Money and Information From You, Stalk You or Spy on You, Harass and Attack You or Sell You Something without you knowing it.

How do Facebook Users Protect Themselves from Fake Friends? Until now, 1.2 billion People using Facebook have had two techniques to try to and catch “Catfish” (Fake Friends) hiding in their real Friends List:

  • Screen Friend Requests very strictly accepting only real life, tangible friends who the user has known outside of Facebook.


  • Individually By Hand reviewing each Person, trying to discover the “Catfish” who slipped past their best efforts to screen Friend Requests.

How did I catch a Catfish? If you’re like most Facebook Users, you have on average 250 friends taking only 7 minutes to validate whether the person is a True Real Life Friend or a “Catfish”.

If I want to go through my Friends List right now, how long will it take me to find the “Catfish”? The CatfishNet App can screen your Friend’s List in Seconds Not Hours!

What happens if I don’t use the CatfishNet App? Without the CatfishNet App, It will take Facebook Users, on average, 60 hours to check for Catfish! Plus You have to check for “Catfish” regularly, NOT just one time.

What happens When I do use the CatfishNet App? By using the CatfishNet App regularly, you help keep your Facebook Friends List free and clear of Fake Friends who only want to Steal your Money, Locate your Private Information or just Waste your Time.

Download the Free CatfishNet App for Facebook and start protecting yourself today!

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